Give your home / business a fresh new look with replacement vents installed and fitted.

Airconditioning Vents Before and After photos

Damaged and Broken 6 way Airconditioning Outlet

Dirty and Discoloured Airconditioning Outlet

Broken and Aging 4 way Outlet

Airconditioning Outlet is hanging from the ceiling

Yellow and Aging Airconditoning Outlet

At Aircondtioning Vents Perth we stock Vents, Grilles and Outlets to give any home or business the perfect ceiling upgrade.

We Supply and fit anywhere in the Perth metro area and can advise on the right vent for your system.

Vents tired and yellow ?   Outlets Broken or damaged ?   Grilles hanging from the ceiling ?

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New Replacement Vents for the home or business.

Are Your Vents:

  • Hanging from the Ceiling
  • Old and yellow
  • Dirty or Broken

We’ll replace your old Evaporative Airconditioning Vents,  and  Reverse Cycle Airconditioning Vents to give your home  or office ceiling a brand new look.

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for an Obligation Free Quote anywhere in the Perth Metro and surrounding areas.